The benefits of our cushions

Such benefits have been found:

  • Pelvic pain relief as the glutes are supported in a correct way
  • Postural alignment: as the pelvic region gets up, the cushion provides a solid base on which to lay and the spine back will maintain a perfect alignment
  • Improvement of the blood circulation
  • Help during the post-partum period
  • Sciatic nerve relief

Recent studies demonstrated that sitting for a long time causes several muscle problems due to the posture which is often incorrect, leading to inflammation of some parts of the back and pelvis.

As a result, when the lumbar region suffers, automatically the high part of the back and hips will suffer as well.

cuscino ergonomico con molle

Our ergonomic cushions are:
patented and certificated

Scegli il cuscino per il bacino EVIMA per il benessere della tua schiena

allineamento della schiena

Choose EVIMA pelvic cushion for the wellness of your back

Our pelvic cushions guarantee a correct support to the glutes and the lumbar region and, as a consequence, the alignment of the whole vertebral column will improve.  

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