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Pelvic cushions EVIMA

These products are especially designed for those who suffer from specific problems and they ensure high quality and durability of the used materials.  

Our cushions combine several technologies:

  • High-density polyurethane, cold foamed
  • Individually wrapped springs to prevent rubbing
  • Breathable and anti-decubitus materials
sezionato cuscino ergonomico con molle


Choose the perfect cushion for you!

We designed one cushion for home and/or for office space and one especially designed for vehicles.

Pelvic cushion for vehicles

Pelvic cushion for home/office

Quality products

Entirely made in Italy products


Why do our cushions make the difference?

To relieve your pelvic and back pain it is important to give the proper support.

EVIMA cushions have been designed in order to distribute the weight uniformly and to follow the movements correctly.

As a result, if the glutes have a correct support, the vertebral column will benefit from it and it will take the correct curvatures.

dolore al bacino

They say about us…

I have had a herniated disc for many years and thanks to EVIMA I hope I found the perfect solution. I have been using this cushion for a couple of days and I think it is a functional product!
Mirka Perillo
At first I was skeptical but having leg problems I decided to try the cushion for the vehicles and I changed my mind! After a long trip by car I experienced a great general benefit.
Amelio Cazzola
Sales manager
My daughter bought the cushion for me because I have to stay sitting for many hours and keeping the same position causes me pelvic and hips pain.
Daniela Colin
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